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Thieves Don’t Even Show Mercy to Children; La Esperanza School was Ransacked

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In just one week, the town of Nosara was a victim of robbery of the school of La Esperanza and of a vehicle at a condo in Playa Pelada, although there are still no traces of the suspects.

According to the report from the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), on Friday, November 28 at 6 a.m., a robbery valued at millions of colones (thousands of dollars) was reported at the school of La Esperanza.

According to the report, the thieves broke the back walls of the computer lab and stole 14 computers computing, three speakers, a projector, a camera and 14 mini cameras for computers.

They also broke the wire fencing that protected the principal’s office window and stole two laptops, one Toshiba and one HP, in addition to ¢80,000 (about $150) that was in a drawer.

The school principal, Alicia Matarrita, indicated that the computer lab was inaugurated just one month ago.

“I’m way too discouraged to see that they left us with nothing. The computer lab was a donation from the Omar Dengo Foundation and for them to give it to us, we had to do a huge amount of procedures and send paperwork. The parents helped with raffles and activities to make the classroom suitable, and now to arrive and have nothing, it makes me not even want to get out of bed,” Matarrita commented.

In addition, they stole ¢192,000 (about $360) from the preschool classroom from the children’s graduation package and they stole several types of meat from the cafeteria that they had for feeding the students.

For now, there are no known suspects and the case is under investigation by OIJ.

Vehicle Insecurity

In addition to the looting of the schoolhouse, on Wednesday, November 26 the robbery of an SUV was also reported in the area of Playa Pelada, specifically in Villa Las Palmas.

According to Tricia Soncini, a friend of the victims, on Tuesday night, the 25th, thieves entered the second floor of the condominium in Playa Pelada while her friend was sleeping (the woman’s husband was out). In the morning, they saw mud on the floor and realized that her purse and car keys were stolen. Soncini said that the police later found the SUV in Liberia.

Villas Las Palmas Condominiums has a security guard.

According to the Nosara Tourist Police, the vehicle was a Mitsubishi Montero, owned by a foreigner of Mexican nationality.

Although there is no evidence linking the robbery of the school to that of the vehicle, it is suspected that a gang from the canton of Liberia is involved.