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Thieves Swipe 10 Water Meters in a Week

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Some water service users of the American Project Asada in Nosara have experienced problems receiving water service in the area since the meters were stolen from their properties.

This was reported by Carl Wells, president of the Asada, who said that in the span of a week 10 meters were reported stolen.

Furthermore, Guillermo Hernandez, administrator for the Asada, reported that most affected users live in section G of the project.

The American Project Asada has more than 500 users.

“The thefts are made overnight and the thieves useo machetes and other tools to cut and remove the meters,” commented Hernandez.

Hernandez said he doesn’t know the reason for the thefts but said it should have some value for the thugs as each new unit costs 35,000 colones.

Meanwhile, Kevin Salazar, Chief of the Nosara Tourist Police, was surprised by the news of the thefts and said he was unaware of them. However, he believes that the reason for the thefts is for resale to others at a lower price or to offer them as scrap metal to merchants who buy them to use some of the materials from which they are made.

Salazar said they are conducting operations more frequently during the school holiday season and requested that the neighbors help by reporting the presence of any suspicious person in front of their properties at night.

Hernandez said they are drafting a document to file a formal denunciation with the police.