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Third Round of Guanacaste Motocross Race Will Take Place in Nosara

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On Sunday, June 21st, the mountains of Nosara will be visited by the third round of the 2015 Bel Ray Motocross. The adrenaline rush will start at 9 a.m. at the Rio Montaña track, located in the Ramirez estate, 2 kilometers down the road from the intersection of Santa Marta heading toward Ostional. The admission fee is ¢3,000 ($5.70).

The Rio Montaña track is built on a hilly terrain in the Ramirez estate and has many jumps, sharp curves and straightaways where high speeds are reached. There, the public can get an up-close view of the riders and their acrobatics.

Christian Valerio, one of the event organizers and manager of Moto Repuestos Nicoya, said they expect a large crowd for the event, since the same track was used three years ago and fans came en masse.

Valerio also explained that what they want is to make this sport grow and the only way to do that is with the support of private businesses, since the government does not allocate any resources for motorcycle racing even though the sport is recognized worldwide.

The 2015 Bel Ray Motocross brings together the best riders in the province, and Nosara residents Carlos Hernandez and Juan Carlos Venegas will be participating. In addition, the “street bikes” category will be introduced, in which any rider can participate in the activity with any everyday motorcycle as part of the show.

After the first rounds, which were held at the La Pradera track in Belen of Nicoya on April 12th and El Mango track in Nandayure on May 17th, the leader in the experts category is Jose Leonardo Arguedas, the current champion with 100 points, followed by Juan Carlos Venegas with 87 points, Roiners Maria with 83, Horacio Granados with 40 and Beto Elizondo with 36.

In pre-experts, the leader is Jose Alfredo leader with 97 points; in novices it is Diego Venegas with 100 points and in the pewees category it is Jesus Elias Venegas with 100 points as well.

The event will also have food for sale and motorcycle exhibitions. People attending can bring umbrellas, folding chairs and any other item to help have a good time.