This Is How Candidates for Guanacaste Promise to Act

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We interviewed seven of the congressional candidates for Guanacaste that lead polls ahead of the upcoming election. What are your aspirations for the province? How will you work to benefit the province from your seat in congress? What have you already done for the province? These are their answers.


We used the survey done in November by the UCR’s Political Studies and Research Center (CIEP) in order to select the seven parties that are leading polls. From each one of those parties, we chose the leading candidate for the province. We interviewed them about the issues that they most want to push for in congress for Guanacaste. Their responses were edited only in length. We included only the responses that directly answered the question.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to time constraints on The Voice of Guanacaste team and the limited space in our print edition, we decided to publish this installment only with the interviews with candidates whose parties were leading November polls. But this newspaper, in the interest of democracy, will present a second installment of interviews with the rest of the top candidates for each party in the coming days. We appreciate and take seriously your opinions.