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This Is How You Play Soccer on Sand in Samara

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The history of beach soccer in Sámara started one afternoon six years ago. Relaxing on the beach, Adolfo Juárez thought about creating a beach soccer championship that would have a case of beer for first prize.


The only problem was that many of the players didn’t drink alcohol, so Luis López – the current head coach of the red and white crew – proposed seeking sponsors for the championship.


They started with a 250,000 prize in the first two championships. Then they raised it to 500,000. Up until then, what happened in Playa Sámara, stayed in Playa Sámara, but two years ago the Soccer Federation held a training workshop with help of the FIFA.


“There I found a lot of contacts that we started working with so that the national team would come play in Sámara,” says López.


After beating the national team, the Samareños grew quickly. After the Guanacastecan Sports Association gave them permission to use their tax ID number, Sámara ADG put together the team that today represents all of Guanacaste in beach soccer.


Last July, Sámara ADG reached the national finals in beach soccer after beating teams from Goicoechea, Puntarenas FC, Dimas Escazú, Valencia, and Punta Leona.

Their player, Jofreth Quesada Rodríguez, scored the most goals in the opening championship of the season.