Today is the Deadline for Changing Old License Plates Ending in 5

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The traffic Police have reminded all drivers who have not replaced their old license plates ending in 5 that they have until today,Friday, October 31, to do so to avoid highway fines. 

This is because, after the three months allotted by the National Registry to change plates, as of Saturday, November 1, trafficinspectors have the authority to issue fines to people who have not changed their plates. 

Currently there are 121,900 motor vehicles registered with plates ending in 5, and according to information from the institution, with less than a week to go, more than 26,000 had not yet done so.

Director of the traffic police, Mario Calderon, explained that although there are no specific penalty guidelines, it is the duty of thetraffic officers to punish those who do not have the new vehicle registration. 

Calderon stressed that “changing plates ending in 5 is not a process of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), but it is the responsibility of the traffic police to monitor compliance with having the new plates.” 

It should be noted that the fine for not having the new plates and registration stickers on the windshield is 21,000 colones ($39). 

On the other hand, people who want to have their registration up to date must pay 15,000 colones per vehicle plate ($28) or 8000colones ($15) if it is for motorcycles. 

The director of the traffic police noted that in many cases, drivers have gotten their new plates but instead of hanging them on the back of the car, they have put them in the glove box or on the dash board, which will also be fined. 

The road authorities pointed out that it is not enough to have the license plate in place since the registration sticker must also be in a visible location. 

License plates can be changed online at, at the brach offices of the National Registry, at Costa Rican post officeservice centers, or at the bank offices of Banco Costa Rica, Lafise, Banco Promérica or Banco Cathay.