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Total Loss After Fire Consumed Hardware Store in Samara

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In the afternoon on Friday, June 12th, flames completely consumed Ferreteria Samara, the local hardware store located on Route 150 at the intersection to Nosara.

The fire apparently started around 2 p.m. due to welding work taking being done by a group of workers near the area where there were mattresses and foam.

Josue Ruiz, engineer for the Municipality of Nicoya who witnessed the fire, reported that “at first, there were several explosions and the structure of the building’s roof completely collapsed due to the high temperatures.”

The Samara Public Force intervened, directing vehicle traffic, which was backed up for about an hour.

 Three units from the Nicoya Fire Department arrived to the scene and controlled the flames, but the material losses were total.

The flames did not reach the gas station, located 75 meters from the hardware store, which could have caused a fire with worse consequences, and no casualties were reported.

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Photo by Josua Ruiz