Tourist Project Plans to Relocate 60 Families from Brasilito Beach

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“It’s not worth having a beautiful home next to shack.” With that premise, the tourism project Azuleraplans to relocate 60 families who live in the maritime-land zone in Playa Brasilito’s maritime zone and build showers and seating areas.

According to a report given by Carlos Alberto Echeverria, a lawyer, during the Santa Cruz Municipal Council session on Tuesday, December 1, the idea is to donate land to coastal residents and then coordinate with the Ministry of Housing to create a free housing project.

A count done by Azulera, a project that will be built on a property located behind the 200 meter zone, shows that there are currently eight families and a restaurant located in the 50-meter maritime zone, as well as 52 families located in the concession area.

The first thing that they are going to ask is why we want to help – well, obviously if we beautify, improve and do something very nice [in the 200 meter zone], the value of the land goes up. If we improve the value of the land, if the community is good, tourists are going to want to be there,” said Echeverria.

For his part, Carlos Robles, also a representative of Azulera, explained that families would receive property ranging from 850 to 1100 square meters that would be legally titled and registered. In addition, he assured that the Brasilito Asada would be willing to provide them with water.

Azulerawould be a tourism complex, complete with hotel, condominiums, restaurants and various attractions, totaling an approximate investment of $100 million.

Echeverria clarified that they are at the first step, presenting the proposal to the council, but they will then have to meet with communities to negotiate and then implement a multi-institutional project.

“This is the beginning of an extremely long bureaucratic process that we want to undertake. If this is something that displeases the council, we won’t move forward. If the community accepts the proposal we would have to make a multi-institutional effort. I’ll put up the land, CoopeGuanacaste would have to come in to install electricity, [we would have] to speak with the Ministry of Housing, work with the ASADA… In the end, it’s a long process,” said the lawyer.

The representative also added that families that are within the 50 meter zone donot have property titles, which is why it would benefit them to have a legal asset.

Regarding the matter, the president of the municipal council, Roger Sanchez, requested that the representatives bring a written proposal for analysis.