Traditional Fiestas in Santa Cruz: The Hangover Donkey

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Residents of Santa Cruz never cease to amaze others with their customs. Among other activities during six days of pure partying, they have the famous “burra del zarpe” (the “last drink” donkey) on the final day.

The tradition is to use the animal to raise money as a way to alleviate the partyers’ hangover. They take the donkey around the entire city, asking for money and alcoholic drinks from business owners, which are then shared among the participants. They tour to the rhythm of bands and are accompanied by traditional puppet-dancers.

The poor “burrita” wears lipstick and has to carry all of the gifts. When they arrive to a business which can’t give anything, the owner is punished by having to ride the donkey for a bit.

The event is joyful, even though the schedule seems to be for only those who wake up partying. We recommend you join the activity, which leaves from Bernabella Ramos park at 7 a.m. on January 19.