Traditional Fiestas in Santa Cruz:Traffic Police to Control City Roads

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For those visiting Santa Cruz’s traditional fiestas in their cars, it is important to take precautions to avoid problems due to the lack of space on roads.

For the security of your vehicle, it is best to find a parking lot, which in those days will be improvised in many places. In general, they charge 1000 colones ($2) per hour. Doing so guarantees that cars are secure and that you can enjoy the fiestas while you’re there.

Dinia Villafuerte, president of the Fiesta’s Commission, said that they’ve coordinated with traffic officials to keep the main roads free of vehicles and warned that the officials will tow cars.

From Tuesday, January 14, until Sunday 19, the main entrance to the city will be congested. It is better to take another route to enter and leave.