Traditional Fiestas of Santa Cruz Leave Almost $28,000 Profit

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Although by law the objective of traditional fiestas is not profit or generating income, the festivities in Santa Cruz, held from the 14th to the 18th of January, left a balance of ¢14,800,080 (about $27,925).

This was confirmed by the president of the fiestas commission, Dinia Villafuerte, who explained that there were more expenses this year than last year since they had to invest more in the fairground.

“This year, there was less income than last year, but the good thing is that there weren’t losses as in other previous commissions. We had to invest more in the fairground at the last minute due to problems that occurred with the Ministry of Health, which banned bull rides in the Plaza de los Mangos,” explained Villafuerte.

In 2014, the profits from the fiestas were a little more than ¢19 million ($35,850), according to data from the commission.

Villafuerte said that this year more culture was promoted, so more marimba players and traditional dances were contracted.

The money will be spent on improvements to the fairground, this following a resolution made by the members of the municipal council. Construction of sidewalks, accesses for disabled people and the installation of a permanent electrical system are some of the location’s needs.