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Traditional Flavors Arrive in the Kitchen at Le Chilé

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Anais Miranda is originally from San Jose and came to Nicoya two years ago. From the moment she arrived, she quickly became interested in the flavor of traditional Guanacastecan food. For a year and a half, she managed the restaurant Mas Coyol, and at the beginning of August, she took over the administration of the restaurant Le Chile.

Miranda’s food is known for its fresh ingredients. She uses products without preservatives and, according to her, the flavor of the foods comes from pure, natural spices.

Le Chile is still located next to Libreria Avales and has a new menu that includes traditional Guanacastecan dishes for ¢2,000 ($3.70). Achiote chicken is one of Miranda’s recommendations, as well as the frito, a pig’s head stew with cilantro and square plantains. They also offer fried plantains with refried beans for those looking for a snack.

Miranda, or “La Patrona” (The Boss), as they call her in Nicoya, recommends also trying her barbecue ribs recipe, which is accompanied by fried yucca (cassava) and salad for ¢4,800 ($8.90). She also makes casados with pork chops, beef steak, fish or beef in a sauce for ¢2,500 ($4.60).

With prices ranging from ¢2,000 ($3.70) to ¢3,000 ($5.55), there are various appetizers, including fish sticks, chicken fingers, ceviche or patacones (deep fried plantains) with refried beans. Domestic beers cost ¢1,000 ($1.85) and natural juices cost ¢800 ($1.50).

Open every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Tel: 8329-7001 or 2685-6783