Traffic Regulated on Bridge Over Tempisque River Due to Hole in Concrete Slab

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Those who travel along route 21 and have to cross the bridge over Tempisque River have found more traffic than usual because one lane is closed due to a hole in one of the concrete slabs.

Since last Tuesday, October 29, the National Roadways Council (CONAVI) has been regulating traffic on the structure that connects the towns of Guardia and Comunidad. This will continue for at least two weeks while CONAVI defines what company will be responsible for making the repairs, said Reynaldo Mata, the engineer in charge of the work.

Mata said that they still need to define the type of repair of the slab as well as the amount to be invested and the name of the company responsible for doing the work, which is likely to be announced before November 15.

The engineer thinks the damage to the bridge is the product of time and the lifetime of the structure. He reminded drivers to be patient and use caution while crossing the viaduct.