Traveling Box Reaches Out to Institutions

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A group of children who participate in the Travelling Box (Caja Viajera) project at Carlos Miller School in Pueblo Viejo of the La Mansion district visited the new Municipal Public Library building in Nicoya on March 25. They expressed what it means to them to have a library in the canton.

“I am proud of the construction of the Public Library of Nicoya and I will be visiting a lot because I like to read,” said Manfred Matarrita Carrillo, a ten year-old who is in fourth grade.

“I have been waiting for this for a long time and now it’s built. I like the computer room and everything inside. I like to read,” said Yusny Balesak Perez Rodriguez, a ten year-old who is also in fourth grade.

The Travelling Box project began in December and now other schools are requesting it for their institutions. The project doesn’t only include schools; it has also been offered to the cooperatives COOPEMEP and COOPENAE. Both organizations have expressed interest in participating.

For International Book Day on April 23, Hamilton Ruiz Cascante, the Nicoyan author of books including Vida y Obra (Life and Work), was at the library. They also celebrated the day with storytelling, workshops for boys and girls, and in the afternoon, they showed the movie “Hunger Games” for youths.