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Tropical Colors Dominate Samara Gallery

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To Colombian Maria Fernanda Galvez, being an artist was never in her plans. However, life itself led her to open a space called Origen in December in Samara, where she exhibits her work.

Galvez, who put down roots in Samara 12 years ago, is coordinator of the Spanish program for Intercultura language center and in 2007, her boss proposed that she do the institution’s mural.

“I never felt like I had the talent or that I could do the things I do now. I think many people are the same, but life always gave me situations that were leading me to do what I do,” Galvez said.

Since then, Galvez has cultivated her work and Samara has become a source of inspiration, so her acrylic paintings are filled with tropical colors. Also, primitivism and Chorotega traits are part of her style.

In her gallery, you can find paintings with jicara gourds, which can be used as a place to put your keys, as well as mobiles made with recycled materials or pieces of driftwood from the sea.

“I love organic things. In Costa Rica and in Samara, I discovered my connection with nature because I began to find this natural intelligence but also an overflow of creativity,” Galvez explained.

The “artist in the making,” as she describes herself, has also painted murals in Matilori Hostel, the Natural Center and Miniplaza, and now, in her gallery, located 200 meters west of Banco Nacional. she is trying to find the reason for who she is and hopes to be able to continue to refine her gift, that was unused for a long time.