TSE Gives Thumbs Up to Regulation for Nosara Municipal District Council

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The Electoral Supreme Court (TSE- Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones) gave its stamp of approval to the regulation that will set up the referendum for the formation of a Municipal District Council (CMD- Consejo Municipal de Distrito) in Nosara.

The announcement was made during the municipal council session on Monday, April 13th.

Rodolfo Orozco, president of the municipal commission responsible for drafting the document, explained that they had to make some changes to the original document, such as specifying that the regulation is exclusively for the district of Nosara.

“The regulation is specific to the district of Nosara. If they want to hold another plebiscite, another regulation should be made for the district that wants to do it,” explained Orozco.

With this change, the TSE gave the green light for council members to proceed with approving it, and if they do, it will subsequently be published in the official daily newspaper La Gaceta.

Marco Avila, Nosara’s syndic, was pleased with the TSE’s approval.

“Once [the regulation by the council] is approved, publication in La Gaceta is ordered, as well as in a publication of national circulation and a publication of cantonal circulation. Then the commission, along with more council members together with the court, will meet to dictate dates and all of the logistical analysis that needs to be done,” Avila stated.

Orozco reported that voting on the regulation by the council will take place during the extraordinary session next Thursday, April 16th.

In addition, he indicated that delegates from the court will continue advising on the referendum process.

“[The TSE] will come to a council session to explain how this process goes as well as where we are going to get funds from because the municipality did not include it in the [2015] budget, so we have to look for funds,” Orozco commented.

Shaslinsg Viales contributed to this article.