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Two Suspects in Samara Man’s Murder Arrested in San Jose

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Two people suspected of killing the 41 year-old Francicsco Gomez Bolaños in the Samara area were arrested on Tuesday, August 19 at the San Jose station of the Judicial Investigation Body (OIJ – Organismo de Investigacion Judicial).

The pair includes Greivin Rangel, a 32 year-old Samara native, and his girlfriend, Floria Jeannette Abarca, a 35 year-old from Guarari in Heredia.

The pair was sought by OIJ agents because of an incident that happened on August 17 in which Gomez was murdered.

Apparently, Gomez was in the bar with a friend, whose wallet was being stolen by one of the suspects.

Gomez tried to stop the robbery, at which point a quarrel broke out that ended with Gomez’s death.

According to Xinia Mora, spokesperson for the OIJ, after finding out that they were wanted by law enforcement officials, the pair decided to turn themselves in at the OIJ station in San Jose. “Feeling trapped, they decided to call the OIJ and coordinate things to arrive and give a statement, and were arrested,” said Mora.

The couple was left under the charge of the Nicoya public prosecutor, where they will remain in preventative prison while they await trial.