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Un Rojo: The Soul of the Caricaco Festival

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The Caricaco Festival had all kinds of music for everyone. Those who didn’t like one group would like another and vice versa. However, the band Un Rojo took everyone along for an amazing concert of almost two hours and was the “icing on the cake” at the end of the festival.

Their concert was on Saturday, April 18, during the third day of the 2015 Caricaco Festival, which was held at Finca Austria in Nosara.

Out of more than ten hours of music, Un Rojo was the group that brought together the most concert goers. Though the venue was not completely full, it is estimated that some 600 people came to the event.

Barefoot or wearing sandals or tennis shoes, festival attendees took advantage of every single song played by Un Rojo to dance and take the festival to the next level.

Summer Afternoon

At 4 p.m., under a hot sun and totally cloudless sky, the singer Patrick Cooke started off the concerts, accompanied by members of the band Peladas Dog.

Although few attendees were there at the beginning, Cooke gave the festival the feel of an American fair, with some playing frisbee and others taking the chance to drink a beer or walk around the grounds.

The afternoon was also enlivened by the bands Mumble Riot and Ave Negra, who added a rock element to the festival.

Even little ones enjoyed Caricaco, as four plastic pools were available to parents to cool off their children under the powerful Nosaran sun.

In addition to music, the event included a variety of foods at good prices, so no one went hungry during the day. Hamburgers, tacos, pizzas and vegetarian burritos were on the menu, in addition to drinks.

As the sun went down, more people gathered at the site. However, it seemed that many preferred to wait until night.

Party Evening

With a very distinct, funky, gypsy sound, the band Passiflora was the first to play at night, leading off the evening with catchy songs including “Terremoto.”

As is customary for Passiflora, the musicians came on to stage with coordinated outfits: the women shined in flowered skirts and colored tops with the men wearing beach pants and smooth shirts.

“We are very happy to come back to Nosara, to be here again this year at Caricaco; we love it. Thank you very much for having us,” said Mariana Echeverria, the band’s singer.

Later in the night, the alternative band 424 played songs from their latest album “Oro,” as well as previous collections.

The group caught the audience by surprise when they played an 80s hit “La Chica de Humo,” a classic sung by the Mexican Emmanuel, with a contemporary twist that got people dancing.

While the bands played, some took advantage of the event to do tricks, juggling with batons or impressing the crowd with fire.

Following the indie rock, the night took a much more Latin and rowdy turn with the musicians of Cocofunka. Javier Arce’s energy got the crowd jumping and dancing.

Nevertheless, it was Un Rojo that took the evening to its peak with a concert that began around midnight.

From the first sounds of the song “Easy,” the concert goers gathered close to the stage. Reggae wasn’t just enjoyed by attendees, but also by members of the other bands who took the chance to listen to the concert and dance a bit.

It seemed as if the group played their whole collection and then repeated it before ending the show. They came out for three encores at the public’s behest.

In what some considered a mistake and others considered good fortune, Un Rojo closed the show with the music of the legendary Bob Marley, playing his hit “Could You Be Love.”

Dancing to reggae left more than a few utterly exhausted, as there were few fanatics still dancing for the last performance of the night by the DJs The Chinese Beats.

Without a doubt, the coast enjoyed a great party at Festival Caricaco. The event showed an improved production quality while still fighting to earn the widespread recognition and attract other people from around the country.