UNED launches free training program for businesses in Guanacaste

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

The State Distance University (UNED- Universidad Estatal a Distancia) has registration open for “Emprende Guanacaste,” a training program aimed at enhancing the human and business skills of entrepreneurs in Guanacaste.

“There are people who have very good products but do it informally and don’t have a name for their business,” commented project coordinator Joyce Estupinian. “So we work from the product presentation to formalizing [the business], how to calculate the costs and improve skills such as communication.”

The program is free. Interested people need to complete a form that will be a determining factor in choosing participants.

The form will be available until February 13, 2022 on the Facebook page of each UNED campus in Guanacaste: Cañas, Tilaran, Liberia, La Cruz, Santa Cruz and Nicoya.

The institution will select 30 participants for each campus. You don’t have to be a resident of the campus’ canton to register. For example, an entrepreneur from Hojancha can opt for a spot at Nicoya’s campus.

Training and Advice

For the people selected, classes will be held twice a week virtually through Zoom. There are two modules, each one four months long.

  1. How do I start my company? (from March to June 2022).
  2. Management for business people (from August to November 2022).

UNED will make its computer labs and internet access available for the people selected who need it to access classes.

While participating in the program, people will also have the opportunity to participate in fairs, symposiums, training sessions and talks.

Aside from being an academic program, we try to implement and link those who participate with other agencies such as local governments and the National Development Institute (INDER for the Spanish acronym), Estupinian pointed out.

Once they’ve finished the two modules, they’ll receive a certificate of achievement that is key to accessing projects from other institutions such as INDER and the National Women’s Institute (INAMU for the Spanish acronym.

Participants will also have the opportunity to receive advice, even after they finish the modules, during 2023.


  • Program: Emprende Guanacaste
  • Requirements to participate: Develop a product, offer a service, have a defined and permanent business activity or a viable idea to develop and live in Guanacaste.
  • Who can’t participate? Those who do catalog sales, multilevel businesses or product resale
  • How to compete for a spot? Fill out the form corresponding to your campus: Cañas, Tilaran, Liberia, La Cruz, Santa Cruz and Nicoya.
  • Duration: There are two modules that are four months each (March-June and August-November).
  • Contact: Joyce Estupinian, [email protected] or [email protected]