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Using Hydrants in Nicoya to Fill Water TankersIs Legal

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Many residents of Nicoya have wondered about the constant refilling that certain water tankers continue to do in the city, as well as about the final destination of the water.

The Voice of Guanacaste consulted Max Gomez, head of the Nicoya AyA office, who confirmed that these trucks have approval from AyA and the National Emergencies Commission (CNE- Comision Nacional de Emergencias) to draw water from a hydrant located in a lot near the Red Cross office and that it is used in communities affected by the drought.

The companies contracted by the CNE are Drouilly, S.A. and Trasagua S.A., which began to take water on July 24th and will continue until September.

The Nicoyan communities that benefit from the water supply are: El Obispo, Iguanita, Tacani and Lapas of Mansion, El Torito and Chinampas of Samara, Santa Ana, Rincon of San Vicente and Sagrada Familia of San Antonio, Arenales, Los Angeles and Rivera Norte of Rio Nosara, La Virginia and Naranjal in Belen de Nosarita, La Esperanza Norte and Asentamiento Inder in Juan Diaz of Nicoya, and San Juan of Quebrada Honda.

In addition, Gomez indicated that there is no risk of water shortage in downtown Nicoya since the hydrant is located along one of the main supply pipes of the aqueduct.

“No risk of supply shortage exists. The water comes from the [main] mother line,” he assured.

Thetimeframe established for filling these trucks with water isfrom 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the work is supervised by an official from AyA.

“We Are Not Stealing Water”

During a tour made on Wednesday, August 19th,The Voice of Guanacaste was able to verify that both the driver and the truck with license plate 134856 from the company Trasagua carried identification from the CNE and the ticket to deliver the water.

Rodolfo Morales, driver of the unit, said that many people, out of ignorance, have insulted them because they think they are stealing when they see them take water from the hydrant.

“We come, load [the water] and deliver [it]to ASADA wells, we fill the aqueducts, and unfortunately, the people of Nicoya think we are stealing the water. They say things to us and yell at us. Nobody is stealing anything here. There are papers and permits for everything,” Morales said.

Morales said that the company Trasagua has 8 water tanker trucks. The truck that he uses is capable of carrying 15,000 liters daily and he said that he makes between 3 and 4 trips a day.

Regarding the amount of water being transported, Max Gomez indicated that 15,000 liters is enough to supply water to three peoplefor a month, which is why it is necessary to make several trips depending on the size of the community.

In addition to Nicoya, the agreement between AyA and the CNE covers the cantons of Abangares, Cañas, Carrillo and Santa Cruz, with designated filling sites in each location.