Nosara, Nicoya

Validity of Nicoya Plebiscite Results Will Depend on TSE Resolution

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The Supreme Elections Court (TSE) requested a series of explanations from the Nicoya city council about the process for coordinating the plebiscite that will be held tomorrow and asked about issues such as forming an impartial committee and the origins of the ¢20 million that will finance the referendum.

The TSE said that, while it is not going to suspend the plebiscite that will determine whether or not to create the municipal district council of Nosara, the results could be undone if the institution decides that there were anomalies. There is no deadline for issuing this decision.

City council received the request on Wednesday, May 30 and sent a response on Friday, June 1, according to city legal advisor Gerardo Carvajal.

If the magistrate considers that additional elements are required, he can request that the council explains its arguments,” TSE attorney Andrei Cambronero said. “This is going to depend on the analysis done by the council.”

The TSE made the request after Nicoyan Jose Domingo Arias, a ‘no’ supporter, presented an electoral appeal.

In his appeal, Arias requested the suspension of the plebiscite and to reschedule it for a later date. He also requested that a new coordinating committee be formed.

City council president Saúl Cárdenas said of the TSE requests that anyone has the right to appeal, which is why the process exists.  He added that the council is complying with the procedures.

This is the second electoral appeal that the TSE has had to resolve regarding the plebiscite to determine if Nosara gains administrative independence.

*Reported Andrea Rodríguez contributed to this story.