Video: Tico Artists Sing to Guanacaste to Celebrate the Annexation

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With the goal of paying tribute to the province of Guanacaste, the newspaper The Voice of Guanacaste has brought together several musicians and singers in a video celebrating the 190th anniversary of the Annexation of the District of Nicoya.

Each artist or band was assigned a verse of the song Vengo de una Tierra (“I Come from a Land”). They then recorded their video fragments on digital cameras or even cell phones and sent in their clips to be compiled.

The song was written by Guanacastecan singer-songwriter Guadalupe Urbina, who uses metaphors to symbolize the province and mentions unique traits of those who live there.

In addition to Urbina, artists from all over the country participated, including Fabrizio Walker, Pedro Capmany, Daniel Patiño, Ale Fdz, Olman Briceño, Charlene Stewart and the groups El Combo Style and Passiflora.

“I hope that this song will be a gift to my people, because in reality the song (“Vengo de una Tierra”) was conceived as a gift and it is also a gift that I received the inspiration,” explained Urbina.

The singer also said that July 25 is a date that always reminds her that she is Guanacastecan and also Costa Rican.

“At this point I couldn’t be anything more than Costa Rican; I love this country and my province a lot, of course,” concluded the artist.