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Violent Collision in Nicoya Leaves Four Injured

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An apparent act of carelessness by the driver of a Toyota HiLux truck caused a collision at the entrance to Nicoya on the morning of Thursday, December 11.

At 8:30 a.m., a semi-trailer belonging to the Company Plataformas Correcaminos violently collided with an Alfaro company bus that was parked at a stop, picking up passengers. The truck was transporting containers filled with sugar and driven by Alexander Acevedo, a San Ramon native.

On the scene, Adolfo Sanez, spokesperson for the Red Cross, reported that four people had been taken to La Anexion Hospital.

“We responded to a collision case in which four passengers on a bus suffered various injuries, but in good condition (light injuries) they were taken to the hospital to receive medical attention,” said Saenz.

The bus was coming from Santa Cruz and was driven by Angel Angulo, who said, “I was parked, picking up passengers, when we felt the collision from behind, but besides that I don’t know what happened.”

Photo por Henry Morales

Some 28 passengers were bound for San Jose on the bus; they were switched to another vehicle to continue on to their destination.

For his part, Alexander Acevedo, the semi driver, said he could not avoid the collision:

 “I was coming along fine in my lane, the bus was parked, but at that moment a HiLux vehicle left the Burger King parking lot. I maneuvered to try and avoid it and that was when the load of containers hit the back end of the bus,” explained Acevedo.

The driver of the HiLux is a United States citizen by the name of Eugene Call.

According to Jose Angel Montes, the transportation official who responded to the incident, alcohol tests were done for every driver and all were negative. In addition, all four had their papers in order.

Photo by Armando Gutiérrez Calderón.