Voice of Guanacaste Photographs Will Be On Exhibit at Tamarindo Art Wave Festival

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Have you ever seen photos of the party donkey? Have you witnessed how the men in Ostional wash turtle eggs in the sea? Do you know how riders are trained in Santa Cruz? You can find the answers to all these questions at the “Identity” photo expo that The Voice of Guanacaste will host during the Tamarindo Art Wave Festival.

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The exposition will be open to the public, free of charge, starting this Thursday, January 25 through Saturday the 27th in the Occidental Tamarindo Hotel.  The exhibit will be open from noon to 10pm.

“Identity” is a selection of the best photographs of the past few years from The Voice of Guanacaste that reflect the idiosyncrasies of Guanacaste culture.

“We believe in the importance of promoting art in the province and, in this case, supporting local artists, Ticos and foreigners that live in Tamarindo and who voluntarily organized this free event that not only showcases artwork from the zone but also works with schools, supporting creativity in education,” said the newspaper’s director Emiliana García.

The expo will offer pieces by photojournalists César Arroyo, Ariana Crespo, David Bolaños, Eka Mora, Pinar Istek and Gloriana Ximendaz. It will also present the work of photographers that have shared their talent with this media outlet such as Adrián Delgado and María Charles. Pins and bags with Guanacastecan phrases on them will also be for sale. The funds made at this event will be used to finance the work and journalism of The Voice of Guanacaste.

[video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuk1dukk6us width:500 align:center autoplay:0]

This will be the second time that The Voice of Guanacaste brings the best photographs out of its newsroom. In November 2017 these pictures were taken to Nosara.