Want to be a Sea Turtle Expert? The Town of Ostional Can Help

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September is one of the best months to enjoy the annual arrival of hundreds of turtles at Playa Ostional, one of nine beaches in the world where this natural phenomenon occurs. That is why the town is teaching others to get a more close-up knowledge of this animal.

A project developed by the Ostional Integral Development Association and the Arrival Station (Estacion de Arribo) will allow visitors to learn more about these species through classes directed by local guides and environmental science professors.

According to Wendy Cruz, a member of the logistics department at the Arrival Station, the courses are directed towards tourists, families and university students. They can be given in Spanish or English.

“The idea is that those who attend can choose the subjects that they like the most. We have general classes on things like the turtle egg collection activity and how to act during the turtles’ arrival. There are also courses on sustainable economics, the history of turtles and sea turtle tropical biology,” explained Cruz.

The classes will be held on September 6, 13 and 20 and will cost ₡5,000 ($9.25) per hour. The price is the same for Costa Rican residents and foreigners, and each student can choose the subjects they would like to study. Those interested can reserve a spot by calling 2682-0790.

It is projected that some 6,000 sea turtles will lay their eggs at Playa Ostional this year.