Want to Denounce Corrupt Officials?

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We want The Voice of Guanacaste to be the voice that speaks with increasing frequency for those who live in the province’s communities. Toward that goal, we invite you to join our network of citizen informants.

If you know of an act of corruption, of problems that authorities could resolve but don’t, or of alternative solutions to daily conflicts that residents have come up with, we want you to join our team of citizen investigators.

How Can You Participate?

1. Send us an email describing the nature of the problem. The following are issues that our editorial team of journalists is investigating:

María Fernanda Cruz. [email protected]. Focuses on problems related to water scarcity and pollution in all of Guanacaste. Also, regional issues such as climate change and coastal communities. Covers cantons such as Santa Cruz, La Cruz and Bagaces.

WhatsApp: 6043-3349

Roberto Acuña. [email protected]. Leads the #Guanadata project exploring the under-execution of municipal budgets. Also writes about issues related to the communities of Nicoya, Sámara and Nosara.

WhatsApp: 8997-1973

Wilberth Villalobos. [email protected]. Covers issues related to the communities of Liberia, Cañas and Carrillo. In the first quarter of this year, he will investigate the state of the region’s roadway infrastructure and the dangers drivers and pedestrians face on a daily basis on our roads.

David Bolaños. [email protected]. He will investigate the causes and effects of chronic kidney disease in the cantons of Bagaces and Cañas in the first quarter of 2017.

2. If you have a criminal complaint, make sure to include all of the evidence you have. For example, include copies of signed documents or those with official seals, as well as photographs, videos and audio.

3. If you would like to investigate an issue in your community and you have a proposal, send your proposal to any of our email addresses and we will help you carry it out from our editorial office.