Want to Learn How to Use Facebook to Your Advantage? The Voice of Guanacaste and Chicas Poderosas Will Show You

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When we wake up in the morning, we’re all accustomed to checking our cellphones to see what time it is, read WhatsApp messages and peruse the day’s happenings on Facebook. The numbers are clear: Ninety-four percent of Costa Ricans use their cellphones to connect to the Internet, and 54 percent use them to check Facebook at least once a day, according to the study Red506 2015.

Tourists who visit Costa Rica also use Facebook to find hotels, restaurants and tours.

These users – both Ticos and foreigners – could be potential clients or followers of your business, media group or community organization, but how do you stand out on this digital platform?

Several strategies exist to attract the attention of these audiences, not only to sell products to them, but also to deliver messages. Together with the organization Chicas Poderosas and law firm Linea Law, The Voice of Guanacaste is proud to offer two workshops to teach you how to utilize Facebook to its full potential.

The first workshop takes place on Wed., Oct. 19 in Santa Cruz, and is designed for businesses, development associations and municipalities to provide a deep understanding of how the network functions, as well as to develop a strategy and achieve better connectivity with your followers to inform them about promotions, new products, meetings, achievements and even accountability.

The second workshop on Sat., Oct. 22 in San José, is more intensive and designed for journalists, communicators and publicists who already are familiar with how Facebook functions but want to become experts on the social media network.

Workshops will be led by Mayra Báez, a Colombian political analyst and visual storyteller who currently works for Al Jazeera’s  AJ+ Español. Báez has received several grants and awards from Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, the International Women’s Media Foundation, Fusion, Univisión and the 19 Million Project.

Social media networks are important for businesses and institutions because it’s where citizens and customers find each other and communicate,” Báez said. “It’s where we can most effectively disseminate information about our plans, programs and projects, or goods, products and services.

Participants will learn to “navigate the changing world of social media in order to strengthen their brands,” she added.

The workshops are sponsored by Chicas Poderosas, an organization where women and men in the field of communications join forces and exchange ideas to innovate today’s media and give a greater voice and more participation to other women.

 “Those who take part in our workshops obtain the most up-to-date tools to enhance their work in the field of digital communications.”