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We Want to Do a Special Edition for the Women of Guanacaste, and You Can Make It Happen

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It was May 2017, and Maria Sanchez was walking through one of the hallways in the gynecology wing of ​​the Enrique Baltodano hospital in Liberia. She was happy about giving birth to her first baby. She was about to live through the five most “agonizing” hours of her life.

An obstetrician came up and told her to lie on a stretcher and give him her arm. “I thought he was going to take my blood pressure, but suddenly they gave me an IV and fluids.” Minutes later, she started to feel contractions three times stronger than the ones she had been experiencing. They had accelerated her labor. They did not ask for her consent. No one explained anything to her.

I had a traumatic labor,” she declared. Sanchez’s rights were violated.

The entire Voice of Guanacaste team is ready to work on a special edition for November (#N25), focused on commemorating International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We need your help to achieve it.

Convinced that “what is not given a name does not exist,” we want to dedicate every page of our newspaper and our website to talking about other forms of violence: what are these types of violence, how to identify them and how to break these patterns of violence, like the kind Maria experienced.

Our goal is to go beyond talking about sexual or domestic violence and to provide evidence of other types of violence that women also experience every day.  Out of ignorance, we ignore these forms of oppression.

The Voice is a non-profit organization, which means that a good portion of our operating expenses are covered thanks to donations. That is why, when we have this kind of special project in mind, it is when we need you, our readers, the most.

For this special edition, we set the goal of collecting $3.000 in donations to offer you even more innovative content than our editorial staff does regularly. We are talking about making videos and interactive games and even holding a special event dedicated to women in the province.

You can be our sponsor and help make our ideas possible, while at the same time helping us to give visibility to an alarming problem that attacks Guanacaste’s women.

There are just four steps to take: donate to us by means of a bank transfer to the Asociación Voz de Guanacaste account at Banco de Costa Rica (BCR), decide if you want to make your donation in colones or dollars: CR32015201001032580094 (Colones) or CR34015201001046203805 (Dollars) and enter the amount that you want to donate. Finally, remember to put in the description detail: Special Edition N25. 

The Voice of Guanacaste’s legal ID number (cédula jurídica) is: 3-002-702000.

If you have any questions about the project or want someone from The Voice team to tell you more about the initiative before making your donation, do not hesitate to contact us at our WhatsApp channel (506) 8470-2648.