Wear Movement: One Bracelet To Save Us All

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Seven female breadwinners that were once unemployed now make their impact felt by air, land and sea thanks to the support of Wear Movement Bracelets. The bracelet company promotes local jobs and won the Creators of Change 2019 development category.

According to Álvaro Terán, head of the project, the idea is to provide jobs for people who are at the greatest risk due to climate change while also raising awareness that positive changes on the planet can be made.

The women who make the Wear Movement bracelets are trained for months until they become craftswomen. The textiles used for the work come from pineapple leaves and the project finances other initiatives with each sale, such as RaisingCoral which seeks to conserve marine life and reforest the Werner Sauter biological reserve in Sámara, Nicoya.

“When you start a project like this, it’s a lonely and complicated road,” Teran said. “When we are recognized and told that we are doing things right it helps us keep the work up and the path is less lonely and more enjoyable.”

By merely looking at the piece, the bracelet becomes a powerful reminder that a small gesture can have a direct impact on nature and many homes.