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What do the legislative candidates promise for Guanacaste?

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We requested interviews with the leading candidates for legislator for Guanacaste. What bills would you propose in the Legislative Assembly? How do you intend to contribute to solving the problems we face in Guanacaste? What has your contribution to the province been?

We selected the eight parties that are leading in the voter polls according to the survey done in December by the Center for Research and Political Studies (CIEP-UCR for the Spanish acronym). From each party, we selected the candidate who heads the list of candidates for legislator.

We asked everyone the same series of questions and other specific questions about topics uniquely associated with them.

Responses were edited for length only.

In this first installment, we present the responses of candidates Melina Ajoy (Christian Social Unity), Daniel Vargas (Social Democratic Progress), Suray Carrillo (Broad Front) and Grettel Sanchez (A Just Costa Rica).