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What do the new legislators promise the people of Guanacaste?

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

Guanacaste’s new legislators arrived at the Legislative Assembly on May 1. The legislators won their seats with promises of bills that ended up being approved before they began, multi-party alliances discussed even before May and several years of experience from working in their municipalities and in politics that, they assure, will help them create a political agenda more in line with Guanacaste’s reality. 

The legislators began their work with two crucial projects for Guanacaste already approved by the outgoing legislators: financing for the “Water for Guanacaste” (Paacume) project, which will ensure the water supply to the Chorotega Region for the next 50 years, and the law to promote the attractiveness of free trade zones outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA), which consists of modifying existing legislation to facilitate companies’ investing and operating under the free trade zone system in areas such as Guanacaste.

Now, everyone agrees that they must assume a regulatory role to ensure that the incoming government administration complies with these agreements.

Daniel Vargas affirms that he will use his role as a member of the party now in office (Social Democratic Progress Party- PSD for the Spanish acronym) to push for the benefit of the province. Alejandra Larios and Luis Fernando Mendoza, from the National Liberation Party (PLN), say they will use their role as part of the largest opposition caucus to counterbalance Legislative actions, and Melina Ajoy (Christian Social Unity Party – PUSC) will use her voice as secretary of the Assembly to promote an agenda that integrates rural areas beyond the capital.

The legislators continue to define their work path and roles within parliament with proposals that make the country turn its eyes toward the province. The four spoke with The Voice of Guanacaste to reflect on the election results, the plans they have for the coming months and the alliances they continue to forge inside and outside of their factions. Click on each one to read the interviews.

Luis F. Mendoza: We’re talking with investors about the advantages we have in Guanacaste

Melina Ajoy: “Guanacaste is a province that has been very overlooked by the government”

Daniel Vargas: We have to talk about environment but prioritizing economy

Alejandra Larios: “Guanacaste has everything to be the second development pole in Costa Rica”

Alejandra Larios was in charge of the National Liberation political campaign in her hometown, Liberia. This photo was taken in February of this year while she was visiting the polling stations with her campaign partner, Luis Fernando Mendoza.Photo: César Arroyo