What Should Workers and Employers Know about the New Labor Reform?

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If you are a rancher and you have workers or you work for a hotel in the province, this information could interest you.

All workers in the country now have new benefits envisaged in the new Labor Reform: Ley de Reforma Procesal Laboral, which introduced the most significant changes to the Costa Rica’s Labor Law in the past 70 years.

The modernization of the Labor Code entered into effect on July 25 this year and while its main goal is to expand workers’ rights it also has new rules for employers.



For example, an employer must be careful not to discriminate against a worker, beginning with recruitment.

“All those subjective questions that don’t directly relate to each person’s professional profile is where you have to be careful, because you could end up in a discrimination suit,” said Randall González, member of the firm BLP and expert in labor matters.

According to the most recent data published on the Labor Ministry’s website, in 2015 some 16,120 workers and employers in Guanacaste sought counsel over their legal rights or to request a court hearing to settle a labor dispute.

The number has varied little since 2012, when there were 16,099 cases.


At The Voice of Guanacaste we compiled the most significant changes that affect employers and workers since the new reform took effect.


  • If you require assistance from the Labor Ministry, you can call the following number: 800-872-2256. Counsel is free. You may also go to the ministry’s regional offices in the province.