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What Was Said at the Council … Secretary “Messed Up a Lot” and Could Be Replaced

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Nicoya’s municipal council members are evaluating the possibility of making changes in the position of council secretary and assistant due to a series of inconsistencies that have been taking place in recent months.

This is due to a work report presented by the current interim secretary of the council, Heydi Mena, which presents a series of shortcomings encountered since she assumed the tasks.

Ana Gabriela Perez is the official secretary of the council. However, since March 16 she began her maternity leave so Heydi Mena took over the position.

In the report, Mena details the situation in which the department was found as well as the lack of at least 10 meeting minutes and 153 pages that are misplaced or out of sequence.

In this regard, John Edwin Yockchen, council member from the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC – Partido Unidad Social Cristiana) stated that “it’s true that we all make mistakes, but when there is a chain of errors and there are no signs that this will change, the council should opt for Heydi [Mena] and Jorge [Centeno], assistant secretary, to continue.”

Meanwhile, Ana Lizeth Espinoza, council member from the National Liberation Party (PLN – Partido Liberacion Nacional), explained, “We always gave Gabriela [Perez] opportunities to improve and yet she always justified the errors by some technical problem, like with the computer equipment.”

Of a similar opinion, Rodolfo Orozco, council member from PLN, said that Perez “messed up a lot” and emphasized “the efficient work” of Heydi Mena and Jorge Centeno, who have even worked on Saturdays and Sundays to catch up with the meeting minutes.

For his part, Marco Jimenez, municipal mayor, criticized the work of Perez and said, “I think the work has been weak and it has placed the municipal government’s work in serious difficulties. It is very difficult to transfer a person who did not measure up in the post to which she was appointed.”

In this situation, the council members decided to postpone the matter until Perez returns to work on July 18 in order to form a governing body to investigate the matter.

Cultural Commission

On another matter, the cultural commission is preparing the details for the 25th of July festivities, including a special welcome of the members of the national soccer team, who were declared “favorite sons of Nicoya” in the previous session.

Rodolfo Orozco reported that during the course of this week, they will talk to members of the Costa Rican Soccer Federation (FEDEFUTBOL) to find out which players might come and what recognition they will be given. “We want to give them a recognition that is typical of the region of Guanacaste, a beautiful souvenir of our province,” he said.