What Was Said in the Council…

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The regular meeting of the Municipal Council on March 17 included the presence of some residents of the canton who came to ask for an audience, while others requested that a Committee for Young People be formed.

Olman Villegas, the owner of two liquor licenses,was in attendance to request information. He informed the Council that the license department is charging 189,000 colones ($378) for one of his licenses that he is not currently using.

Ana Lizeth Espinoza, president of the council, suggested that the councilors request a report from the license department to examine his case, so that they could answer his request. The motion was approved.

Later, five new members of the Committee for Young People were presented. They were sworn in and will be in charge of efforts in a wide variety of areas for the canton’s youths.

Afterwards, a document was read that had been signed by 150 families from the communities of El Piave, Guayabal, La Montañita, San Antonio and Santa Ana. In the document, the families express their disagreement with a housing project that is being completed at the entrance to Santa Ana, which did not take them into account.

Rene Bonilla, a syndic from San Antonio, explained that the project is made up of 450 houses for social wellbeing, and that the residents are bothered because the majority of beneficiaries are residents from other neighborhoods in Nicoya, such as San Martin, and not theirs.

For his part, Mayor Marco Jimenez reported to the council regarding President Laura Chinichilla’s March 27 visit to Nicoya for the inauguration of the Public Library, remodeling projects completed in the high school in Mansion, and the groundbreaking ceremony for the Medical Tower at Hospital La Anexion, which will mark the official start of construction.

In addition, the councilors decided to name Heidy Mena Sanchez interim secretary for the municipal council, while Gabriela Perez, the current secretary, is on maternity leave.

The session wrapped up with a report by Heidy Mena Sanchez, who said that the municipal secretary’s computers had been infected by a virus,preventing the latest minutes from being printed.

On that subject, the mayor assured that the issue would be immediately resolved through the municipality’s technical support department.