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What Was Said in the Municipal Council…

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In the ordinary session of the Municipal Council on Monday, March 10, the Ministry of Governance gave a report detailing various inconsistencies in the documentation and files of 35 federal grants projects.

Adriana Rodriguez, deputy mayor of the municipality, explained that the document in question sought to correct some omissions and errors made by the municipality in paperwork as well as in the supervision and execution of local projects.

Rodriguez explained that some of the projects mentioned in the governance document are currently being implemented, such as the repairs to Belen’s communal center and the replacement of pipes belonging to the ASADA in Barco Quebrado, which began in January of this year.

The deputy mayor explained that the municipality will give a detailed report to the councilors regarding the projects and corrections being made.

For her part, Ana Lizeth Espinoza, president of the council, suggested that the municipal administration direct resources to appropriately bind municipal agreements. She pointed out that since 2012 the process has not been completed for the documents in question.

In addition, councilor member Rodolfo Orozco and syndic Ramon Cascante reported to the council on the completion of remodeling work at the multisport facility in Nicoya. Specifically, they discussed the refurbishment of the Olympic-size swimming pool that was used during the past national games, which cost ₡10 million ($20,000).

Finally, the council is directing funds to install new plaques that will display the name of the new Public Library, which will be inaugurated in late March.