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What Was Said in the Municipal Council… Councilor Orozco Will Investigate Council President for Not Submitting Projects to FEMUGUA

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During the Municipal Council session on Monday, June 9, Councilor Rodolfo Orozco expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that, after four years representing Nicoya in the Federation of Municipalities of Guanacaste (FEMUGUA – Federación de Municipalidades de Guanacaste), Council President Juan Aguirre has not presented a single project on behalf of the canton.

Currently, Orozco is the fiscal (a board member and the advisor in charge of oversight) for FEMUGUA and indicated that he will investigate the expenses generated by the representatives of the federation, as the Nicoya mayor’s office pays around ₡9 million ($18,000) annually to be part of FEMUGUA.

“I am going to investigate you, Mr. President,” assured Orozco. Aguirre responded, “Investigate what you want.”

Next, Municipal Mayor Marco Jimenez presented a letter addressed to Franklin Corella Vargas, a Legislative Assmbly representative for the Citizen Action Party (PAC – Partido Acción Ciudadana). In the letter, the mayor requested immediate attention to a number of issues regarding complaints made against him by the ex-representative Yolanda Acuña (also from PAC).

According to Jimenez, Acuña is accusing him of not fulfilling his duties as mayor, which is why he requested that the current PAC representative ask for a resolution with the respective oversight entities regarding possible criminal activity on his part, if possible.

Later, Alexander Gutierrez, legal advisor for the council, reported on the creation of a directive body that will investigate a situation involving an alleged public vehicle in the community of Obispo de La Mansion.

According to a report by the Technical Roadways Management Unit (UTGV – Unidad Tecnica de Gestion Vial), there is a public road that exists on the municipality’s registered land surveys that is not currently listed on UTGV inventories. An investigation of the discrepancy will be launched.

Lastly, an audit report was given, requesting that the 2012 fiesta committee present missing receipts and documentation within the next two weeks.