What Was Said in the Municipal Council… Land for Nicoya’s New Cemetery Has Health Permit

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The municipal session on August 11 included the presentation of a Ministry of Health document that gives permission for the construction of Nicoya’s new cemetery, as well as a ruling by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE – Ministerio de Ambiente y Energia) explaining that an intermittent spring is located on the land.


The document reported on a visit made to Mario Rojas Hurtas’ property on June 16 by Nicoya health officials. The land is located 350 meters south of the northeast side of Nicoya’s Chorotega Stadium, in the Las Brisas del Cerro neighborhood, and is a candidate for building the city’s new burial ground.

During the inspection it was verified that the land has public road access and that it is currently being used as a gmelina and teak lumber plantation. In addition, the report confirmed the existence of the Matabuey Creek that runs along the west side of the property. At the time of the visit, the creek was not flowing and thus it was deemed to pose no risk of flooding or causing landslides.

As a result of the technical evaluation, the Ministry of Health granted the property a location permit, which is a necessary step for the purchase of land outlined by the General Cemetery Regulations.

The municipal session also included the presentation of a ruling by MINAE’s Water Department, explaining the existence of an intermittently-flowing spring on the cemetery land.

For his part, Marco Jimenez, municipal mayor, indicated that the MINAE document supports the municipality’s intentions to buy the land.

“There are no permanent bodies of water on the land that the municipality intends to purchase, so there is no obstacle to building the new cemetery,” said Jimenez.

Regarding the matter, councilors Ana Lizeth Espinoza and Carlos Medina stated that they were unaware of the document read and presented by the mayor. In addition, they expressed their desire to have more information on the subject.

“I need to check the document and get to know it in order to give my opinion, and I would like the person who did this evaluation to come to the council to clarify [issues] regarding many Nicoyans’ doubts,” said Espinoza.

Along the same lines, Carlos Medina said, “To understand this situation I need to have the document in hand to see it and then give an opinion; what worries me is water pollution.”

The mayor reported that, with the Ministry of Health permit, the land purchase is imminent. He estimated that the process would be completed before September 15.