What Was Said in the Municipal Council… Nicoya Has New Prices for Liquor Licenses

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During the ordinary session of the municipal council on Monday, June 23, new quarterly fees for liquor licenses in the canton of Nicoya were presented.

The new prices are established according to the type of establishment and its location. Prices will be higher for those located within Nicoya’s city limits and lower for businesses located in the districts.

For example, a restaurant or bar located in downtown Nicoya will have to pay ₵99,850 ($199.70) quarterly, while the same establishment located in Samara will pay ₵49,925 ($99.85).

Liquor stores and small supermarkets in the colonial city will pay ₵199,700 ($399.40), while the same business in a district will be charged ₵99,850 ($199.70).

Finally, large supermarkets in downtown Nicoya will have to pay ₵399,400 ($798.80), while the cost for those located elsewhere in the canton will be ₵189,700 ($379.40).

The document, which will act as a temporary set of regulations for the sale of alcoholic beverages, indicates that the amounts will change biannually according to the legally-mandated minimum salary for a skilled employee (₵422,200 or $844.40).

The councilors approved the new amounts, which were presented by the Mixed Commission and will take effect when they are published in the official newspaper La Gaceta.

For his part, Juan Edwin Yockchen, councilor for the Christian Social Unity Party (PUSC – Partido Unidad Social Cristiana), explained that liquor license owners still had doubts regarding whether they should continue to pay according to past prices.

“This [the new pricing structure] takes effect with the publication [in La Gaceta] and will not be retroactive, which is to say that the debts previously accrued should be paid and respected through the municipality,” explained Yockchen.

The councilor said that the document was a good start for license holders to begin catching up on  their payments, although he thinks the prices for licenses in liquor stores and small supermarkets in rural areas remain high.

Improvements to Roads

The councilors also approved the rehabilitation of a drainage system in the La Virginia neighborhood, in the area of the EUPI School, as well as on the downtown streets of San Martin, with a cost of ₵3.7 million ($7,400).

In addition, the council approved the purchase of materials and services from the Roadways Management Technical Unit (UTGV – Unidad Tecnica de Gestion Vial) in the amount of ₵19.3 million ($38,600).

A motion to maintain the gravel along some 25 kilometers of road between Nambi and La Esperanza Norte Nicoya, made by Councilor Rodolfo Orozco from the National Liberation Party (PLN – Partido Liberacion Nacional), was approved as well.

Lastly, Bonifacio Diaz, a syndic for Samara, submitted a letter to the council that he had presented to the Roadways Unit. The letter requests the inspection of the road between the communities of Chinampas and Terciopelo, as the stretch is currently in very bad condition.