What Was Said in the Municipal Council… Samara Fiestas Commission Will Invest Profits in Improvements to Community Aqueduct

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The Samara Fiestas Commission presented the financial report of the fiestas held in the community from December 27, 2014 to January 4 of this year to Nicoya council members during the municipal session on Monday, January 19.

Miguel Gomez Carrillo, president of the Asada of Cangrejal and member of the fiestas commission, reported that revenues this year exceeded previous years and reached the record-breaking figure of ₵12,600,000 (about $23,700), which will be invested in improvements to the community aqueduct.

“We were left with ₵12,600,000, which will be invested in expanding the Cangrejal aqueduct networks. Right now we have a big infrastructure problem because about 600 houses have water supply problems, so now with this network expansion, we are correcting this problem,” Gomez explained.

Gomez acknowledged that the amount of the profits from the fiestas is just enough to purchase construction materials, so they will negotiate contracting machinery and labor to complete the work.

Council approved donate molasses to Nosara

During the session, a motion presented by Betsy Chavarria, district representative for Nosara, was unanimously approved to donate molasses to distribute on approximately 1.5 kilometers (about 1 mile) of road between the communities of La Esperanza and the center of Nosara.

“This is good news because the community of Nosara needs to put molasses on the roads due to the problem of dust, the amount of respiratory illnesses and how much traffic there is,” Chavarria commented.

In total, 40 barrels of molasses will be bought from the company Azucarera El Viejo in Filadelfia for the amount of ₵576,000 (about $1040). This purchase will take place in February after approval of the budget adjustment by the council.

Council Members Support Cycling Association

Members of the Nicoyan Cycling Association were also present in the audience during the session. They explained the structure of the group to the council members and in turn requested financial assistance through the Canton’s Sports Committee.

Jesus Fonseca, treasurer of the association, explained that the organization was formed in October 2014 and is made of Nicoyans who love cycling to promote participation in this sport. “We want to develop professional cyclists, work with young people and promote cycling in Nicoya,” Fonseca said.

Currently this association includes 13 cyclists from Nicoya and Santa Cruz, between the ages of 16 and 19, under the direction of coach Santos Corea.

Fonseca highlighted the San Blas Recreational Classic, scheduled for the first Sunday in February, an event that seeks to create awareness of the association’s work and get resources to finance the project. The route is 38 kilometers (23.6 miles) through the towns of La Mansion, Matambu and Nicoya, and has a registration fee of ₵6,000 (about $11.25) per person.

The council approved giving financial support to the association through an agreement directed to the Canton’s Sports Committee.

“We did not expect such overwhelming support from the council. It’s an important agreement because it lets the canton know about us. We know that the support of the sports committee is not enough to finance project but, yes, it is a big help,” Fonseca indicated.