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What Was Said in the Municipal Council… Syndics Present 2014 Budget Allocations and their Purpose

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During the ordinary session of the Municipal Council on Monday, June 2, the 2014 line item budget allocations for each district were presented. The allocations affect 2015 budget disbursements.

In the first district of Nicoya, funds will be used to build a fence around the soccer field in La Esperanza Norte, build a sidewalk for Nicoya’s multipurpose center and purchase ten computers for the Public Library.

The district of San Antonio has plans to build a water tank and aqueduct system for San Vincente, to fence in the bull ring in San Antonio and the area around the community center in Corralillo, and to repair the cemetery chapel in San Lazaro.

The La Mansion district presented plans to fence in the fair area in Barra Honda, improve the infrastructure of the elementary school in La Iguanita and to expand and improve the community center in La Mansion.

Meanwhile, Belen de Nosarita will invest in improvements to the water systems in the communities of Cuesta Grande, Naranjal and the ASADA of Belen.

In the same way, the district of Quebrada Honda will proceed with work on the aqueduct in Tortueguero, repair and improve the community center in Copal and build an access ramp to the elementary school in Puerto Moreno.

In Samara, the funds will be used for improvements to the soccer field in Chinampas. Nosara will use their allocation to purchase instruments for the new music school.

During the municipal council session, Councilors Rodolfo Orozco Juarez, of the National Liberation Party (PLN – Partido Liberacion Nacional), and Juan Edwin Yockchen, of the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC – Partido Unidad Social Cristiana), were also elected to represent the municipality in Federation of Guanacaste Municipalities (FEMUGUA – Federación de Municipalidades de Guanacaste).

Lastly, the council agreed to name Mario Ondoy, a PLN syndic, and Marco Jimenez, the municipal mayor, as representatives of the municipality for the assembly in which the new board of directors for the Institute of Municipal Development and Assistance (IFAM – Instituto de Fomento y Asesoría Municipal) will be elected.