What Was Said….New Nicoya Police Chief Promises to Have All Officers in the Streets

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The municipal council session on Monday, December 1 was attended by Juan Antonio Eras, the new Public Force chief for the canton.

As of a week ago, Eras holds the position that was held by Omar Chavarria, who was transferred to be chief for the canton Carrillo. The new Public Force chief in Nicoya took the opportunity to introduce himself to the council members and let them know that he will be attending the sessions regularly to keep the council abreast of the police work in the canton.

Eras recognized that although he is still getting acclimated in Nicoya, he has identified the most vulnerable points as far as security goes and promised greater police presence for it. “We come to increase public safety, for the police to be seen in the streets. All our security devices are for immediate prevention, attention and recovery of public spaces. The intention is to get all the police that are within [the police station] out to give integral attention,” he commented.

The new chief remarked that based on complaints made by neighbors, the most vulnerable points of the canton are: downtown Nicoya, Samara and Nosara, and the San Martin neighborhood. He also said that due to recent criminal acts in Recaredo Briceño park, they will keep a couple of officers there permanently and have police on bicycle responsible for doing constant patrols.

“We need the cooperation of all citizens to report all criminal acts,” Eras affirmed.

Solemn Session Ready
During the session, it was also reported that everything is ready now for the celebration of the 166th anniversary of the canton. The council will hold session on Sunday, December 7 at 3 p.m. in the Recaredo Briceño Park pavilion and afterward commence the festivities and other cultural activities.

In addition, the council members finally approved declaring educator Recaredo Briceño a favorite son of the canton, along with singer-songwriter and musician Rodrigo “Pito” Martinez Lopez, who received approval from the council during the November 17 session.

Although the park in Nicoya and the school in Barra Honda are named after Recaredo Briceño, the council members deemed it necessary to make the declaration. Juan Luis Aguirre, president of the council, highlighted Briceño’s work as an exemplary educator as something that deserves recognition.

“The park bears the name of this man who was an exemplary educator, who was very supportive wherever he was, who fought because the Nicoyan was a bastion of education and he was even able to satisfy the economic needs of some poor students who were very bright. He was a descendent of Cupertino Briceño and Leonidas Briceño. I think it’s an honor to someone who deserves honor,” he said.