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What would life be without music?

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The National Musical Education System’s music school in Nicoya is celebrating five years of democratizing music education for kids and youths from all corners of the canton. The students come to the school for their first lessons with great hope, giving life to their emotions with melodies on the violin, trumpet or bassoon. The school’s work to educate and build artistic awareness – an open and inclusive effort – is a reason to be proud for the people of Nicoya, often delighting everyone with concerts in and around the area. I want to publicly recognize the management and teaching staff, made up of musicians and teachers committed to a cause.

A profusion of talent is displayed every time that the symphonic orchestra plays on July 25. It is the product of the school’s constant hard work that showcases the efforts of the teachers, Nicoyan families, and more than 90 youths that enrapture the audience. They have played at the Melico Salazar public theatre in San Jose three times, receiving ovations every time from the spectators, who recognize not only their talent, but also their effort and passion for music.

Constant lessons, rigorous rehearsals, discipline, teamwork and efforts to express themselves through life-changing memories are constantly seen, heard and felt when one visits the musical arts school in Nicoya. The facility functions as a large, clean and dignified space for a noble pursuit. The House of Culture in the city has become the headquarters for many young, promising and artistic youths from our communities. The school opens opportunities to create the ideal world for the future, which makes social investment a priority, which believes in the promotion of arts as a catalyst for creativity and development, and has a more integrated education system that is able to cultivate important values in the hearts and minds of its citizens for many years to come.

On May 23 – with great imagination of a promising future for all – a huge number applauded smiling young men and women, who stood clutching their instruments as a symbol of pride and a map of the route towards a more sensitive, successful and committed adulthood.

It’s nighttime, and I see three youths getting on to a bus, headed home with their chins held high with pride and their faces lit up with the satisfaction of having achieved something. With great optimism, I imagine them having a future that I want for more and more Nicoyans – a better future.