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When Flavor is Measured in Meters

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Some dishes are measured in portions, others by the plate and still others by price. In Nicoya, next to the Iglesia Colonial, pizza is measured in meters – as many as a customer wants.

This restaurant has a convenient and easy-to-remember name: Pizzaxmetro. Here, a half-meter of ham and cheese pizza costs ₡7,500 ($14), while a full meter is ₡14,500 ($26.50). Each meter has 32 slices and customers can choose from up to four types. The menu includes standard options like Supreme, Margarita and Vegetarian, but in reality they can prepare it to your liking.

The crust is thin, oven-baked and covered in fresh ingredients that give a crunchy yet soft texture, without being greasy.

One of the big advantages of this place is its flexibility to adapt to customer requests.

Lunch is also served. Casados are available with a choice of chicken, beef or fish, and can be modified for vegetarians. Portions are much bigger than a standard casado at most sodas in Nicoya. Casados cost ₡3,000 ($5.50).

Sabor Venezolano

The restaurant is run by Marisol López, a nicoyana, and Jesús Alberto Rincón, from Venezuela. Although you won’t find it on the menu, customers who know Rincón is Venezuelan can order arepas, a typical item in his country.

Arepas are similar to Salvadoran pupusas, but instead of being fried, ingredients are sautéed and finished in the oven. Arepas cost ₡2,500 ($5), and options include the pabellón, which is stuffed with shredded beef, cheese, rice, sweet plantain and beans, or chicken with cheese and mushrooms or Hawaiian-style.

Students get a bonus by having their own combos. A student combo includes a slice of pizza with beverage for ₡1,000 ($2), or casados for ₡2,000 ($4). The student casado is smaller than the standard one.

Hours: Mon.-Sat., 9 a.m.-10 p.m.

Tel: 2685-4350

The Good: Prices are based on the size of portions. Items can be modified to a customer’s liking. Delivery.

The Bad: No desserts and closed on Sundays.