Yes, Guanacaste Does Produce Good Coffee

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Around two percent (1,623 hectares) of the land planted with coffee in Costa Rica is located in Abangares, Tilarán, and Hojancha. It might not be the province’s star crop, but it does have some unique traits.


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To Jaime Salazar, general manager of Coopecerroazul (a cooperative company) in Nicoya, the difference is even greater. Guanacaste offers the only coffee in the world that is produced in a blue zone.



The large number of people who live to be over 90 years old make our peninsula a blue zone. There are only five blue zones in the world: Cerdeña, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Loma Linda, California; Icaria, Greece; and the Nicoya Peninsula.

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Salazar said that in order to differentiate Guanacaste’s coffee, they are seeking a certificate of origin, which is requested through some national institutions. “This is an element that will certainly benefit the province,” said Salazar.

Finally, a very important question: is it sold in Guanacaste? Yes, but in small amounts and almost exclusively at the same cooperatives that produce it.

So, would you like to order a locally produced coffee?