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You can take pets to some beaches in Guanacaste, but not all of them

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Translator: Arianna Hernandez

Are you in the mood to take a vacation with your dog at the beaches of Guanacaste? Keep in mind that you can’t take your furry friend to just any of them.

Pets aren’t allowed in any of the country’s protected wildlife areas, and some of the province’s beaches are included among these areas.

For example, Guiones and Pelada beaches are within the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. In these towns, there are signs indicating that dogs are not allowed.

Article 8 of the National Parks Service Law prohibits visitors from taking exotic animals or plants into these territories.

This is because species that aren’t native to the protected zones are “incompatible with the protection and conservation attributes of these areas,” according to the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) press department. SINAC warned of the risk that pets like dogs could injure, prey upon or scare away native wildlife and even transmit diseases to them.

There is only one exception: service animals trained to help people with some type of disability can enter. SINAC stressed that the owner must have a harness and leash to handle the animal.

Which beaches can pets be taken to?

Public beaches that are outside of the protected wildlife areas don’t have any type of regulation regarding the presence of pets, so they are allowed to be taken there.

For example, in Liberia it’s possible to take pets to Cabuyal beach, although the municipality pointed out that they must be properly watched after by a responsible person and be kept on a leash.