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Young Samara Surfer Dreams of Competing in World Surf Tour

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Since he was five years old, Sean Forrester has been living on surfboards.  “It was a soft board, and it was purple,” he said, recalling his first board.

His father, Chris Forrester, former owner of C & C Surf, taught him how to ride the waves. Although Sean was born in the United States, he came to the Costa Rica when he was three. He says he feels very Tico and now with 14 years old, he says he is “100% Samareño”.

“We from Samara are always going to develop a special love for the sea.When I have gone to San Jose and they see a surfo with a board, they almost consider him a god. I think it’s because they don’t have the possibility of having the sea so close like us,” he said.

What makes Sean most passionate about this sport is competition at the highest level, so he dreams of competing at on the World Tour surf circuit.

“When I’m in a tournament, I always want to win. I don’t think about how difficult it will be to achieve but in my own possibilities. Also, I think that if your mind tells you that you can do it,  it is because you can,” he explained.

His passion for competing is backed by strong discipline and a routine of training and diet. Every day, Sean gets up at 5 a.m. and heads to the beach.

His breakfast consists of natural smoothies. Although he admits that he likes to eat gallo pinto with eggs, he tries to avoid fats and fried foods.

In addition, Forrester showed us his personal gym where he works out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His routine includes abs, strength and balance exercises, to strengthen his arms and legs. “You’ve got to have muscles,” he remarked.

Since 2009, he joined the national surf circuit in the minigrommets category. That year, he placed fourth; in 2010, he won second place and in 2011, he was the national champion. He currently competes in the boys category. He explained that his style on the board is goofy and his favorite tricks are tubes and aerials.

His hobbies are listening to music, eating and traveling. “I always try to improve, to learn new moves and when I make a good cut or an aerial, I say ‘hey, I did it!’ and I feel great.”

He told us that his role model is his current coach, Diego Naranjo, who was a professional surfer.

“I admire him because he always worked to buy boards, he does not drink, has no vices, has his family; he is my model to follow,” he explained.

Sean Forrester commented that although his dream is to dedicate himself to the sport professionally, he doesn’t forget about his studies. “You have to have a plan B,” he acknowledged, so he wants to earn his high school diploma, either studying at home or attending an educational center.