Zeal and Water in Independence Celebration

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Nosara experienced one of the best patriotic celebrations in recent years; hundreds of people were present on the morning of September 15 to celebrate 192 years of independence.

Students of primary and secondary schools of the district of Nosara began the celebration at 7:00 AM. Each institution held a civic event before moving to the entrance of Súper Nosara (Nosara supermarket), where the traditional parades began, involving symphonic bands, flag bearers, cheerleaders, dancing kindergartners and an older community group.

The celebration was marvelous, with beautiful flags and national symbols everywhere. All participants shined in their impeccable uniforms, the deafening sound of fireworks and drums filling hearts with emotions, and only happy faces and enthusiasm were to be seen.

Suddenly an uninvited guest made their appearance – it was an unexpected downpour, and in less than a minute, the weather went from radiant sunlight to heavy rain that sent the audience running, though that was not the case for the zealous students, who were rather unfazed and, although soaked from head to toe, played their instruments with even more strength and zeal.

The sudden rain stayed for about twenty minutes and left just as suddenly as it had come, leading back to the sun shining, and although everything was left full of puddles and soaked bodies, the parade arrived at the soccer field in the center of town, where each group made its presentation on the main stage. In the end, the Colegio de Bocas de Nosara was chosen as the best band.

As a prelude to the party, the traditional lantern parade was held Saturday night, September 14th, and in turn, the fire of the torch independence came to Nosara at 2:00 PM, carried by students and a group of amateur runners and cyclists, escorted by the police.

The lantern parade was another activity that stood out for order and patriotism demonstrated by the participants, taking place on time at 6:00 PM, when the national anthem of Costa Rica was sung in harmony with the rest of the country.