Entering the Most Powerful Planetary Line-up

As April begins we have arrived at the turning point; the sparks are already starting to fly and the flame has barely been lit. We are entering what could be the most powerful planetary line-up that we will see in our lifetime; the Earth is set to transform and so are we.

This month the Universe will throw its cards, showing us exactly what we have been manifesting on a conscious, subconscious, and unconscious level as individuals and as a collective. Be prepared to have your mind blown by what happens; we cannot control the variables, and no one knows exactly what is to come.

The planetary polarities are poised to shift and we are being pushed to expand our beliefs in what is possible. Financial institutions, political structures, and environmental changes come to the foreground of our global landscape, as the need for transformation on an internal and external level grows increasingly apparent.

Look to the masses to expose the areas that need reform and keep an eye on the animals as they will be the first to respond to any greater seismic activity. We are still in the midst of a review, so the past is not completely rectified and karma is at play.

Global events may cause a ripple that will create a domino effect across the planet, leaving few untouched. Watch your footing and be careful while moving through your days, as accidents are likely and everyone is on edge. Expect the unpredictable and start each day by connecting to the earth, so that your actions are grounded and centered. The point of it all is to release our grip on the things that were never truly ours to control and arrive in the moment, right here, right now. Take a chance today and chose to enjoy your life. Be grateful for every new beginning.