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Florex Helps Businesses Towards Reach Their Sustainability Goals

Protecting our water sources and the environment is not the antonym of saving. In fact, it is a synonym of progress. If you use biodegradable products, you can avoid polluting water, reduce water consumption, and improve your business’s image.

Florex is a brand of sustainable cleaning products that helps Guanacastecan businesses and homeowners use 100% biodegradable products that increase the chance of obtaining the Certification of Sustainable Tourism (CST) or the licensing of the brand Essential Costa Rica.

Florex is your partner here as the company focuses on offering services that include product testing, monitoring of results, visits by specialized technicians, help with industrial-scale dosage, installation of dispensers, and constant follow up.

For Silvia Chaves, vice-president of Florex, constantly reducing a business’s environmental impact is in line with the vision of a more ecological country.

“Costa Rica, as a country that strives toward sustainability, must have business owners who maintain high standards in managing natural resources regarding laundry and cleaning,” said Chaves.

Florex has been a pioneer in environmental protection in Costa Rica. Its chief goal is to improve people’s lives through a philosophy of developing more sustainable practices. Florex’s products are not only more efficient, but they also help to protect water sources as well as people’s health.

Guanacaste’s water is suffering from climate change and drought. As La Voz de Guanacaste has said before, “increased population, water-intensive industries, and a lack of control over aquifers” also contribute to the situation.

In the hotel industry, laundry processes can represent between 5% and 30% of total water consumption. A Florex product can mean economic savings because it increases efficiency.

Now hotel and restaurant laundry services have more sustainable options: Florex currently manufactures more than 80 high-performance, biodegradable products. They also offer specialized consulting sessions with highly trained professionals. Florex is a strong ally for businesses that want to reduce their ecological footprint in a way that can help you get great results in both the environmental and economic realms.

For more information about Florex’s cleaning products and consulting services, call 2447-2323 or write [email protected].