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A property may have a nice view, a convenient location or a great price, but that isn’t sufficient to buy it. Before you close a transaction on a property where you plan to develop a construction project, it is important that you take into consideration many aspects, so that you don’t find an unpleasant surprise once you have made your investment.

The first step is to review all legal aspects: Is the real owner offering the land? Or is there a partner that may not know about the transaction? Taxes should be updated and the title should be clean at the National Registry. The property needs to be registered at the National Registry as well as the Municipality, and the plot plan must be approved at the Catastro office in the Municipality.

The plot plan that the seller is showing is not necessarily correspondent to the property that you are about to buy. I recommend getting a topographer to make a survey of your land and certify that your property is the size and has the location that is shown in the plot plan. It is convenient to request at the Municipality a «alineamiento de linderos» (boundary alignment) to be sure of the real area available for building. You can also request to know the percentage of use and the type of use you can do.

In Guanacaste the conditions of the land are very different from dry season to rain season. A property that may be dry in the summer could be flooded in the winter or may be dramaticalty different from one season to the other.  It is a good idea to do a soil test too in order to know in advance the structural characteristic of your land and the drainage capacity to take into account when deciding the type of structure  and the type of septic system needed.

The amount, location, type and age of the trees are also important, as you may need special permits from MINAE to cut some of them to have the space for your building. You won’t get the construction permits if you don’t have a water provider or well with permits, as well as electricity, and if the electricity and water do not run in front of your property, you will have to cover the cost to run these services from the closets connection to your project. 

If you know all the conditions of the land you are about the buy, you will be sure that the project that you are planning is possible and that the investment that you have in mind is within your budget.